How to complete a psychometric profile

BY Greg Anyon · PUBLISHED August 24, 2018

At some point the well-prepared employer is going to ask you to complete a psychometric profile. This is a series of multiple-choice questions designed to help an employer get a deeper insight into your personality, what you’re good at, your style of working, and what motivates you. Here’s the first heads-up. There are no right or wrong answers. The profile is designed to identify your behaviour under different circumstances. It’s not a test. Interviewers will however use the results as part of the overall interview process to identify if you’ve got the right stuff for the job. It’s also interesting that there are certain profiles that are better suited to sales than others. Here are some tips:


1) Stay calm, it doesn’t last long.

2) Don’t spend too long on any one question, go with first thought or gut instinct.

3) It’s asking you about you when you’re in the job so have your job-head on. If you haven’t had a job in sales before but have been preparing for it, have that picture of you in your head as a reference point.


It’s no more complicated than that.